About Us

Oopsy daisy bb is all about celebrating life special event at a time. Thus, you can find us online for inspiration, creativity, DIY projects. Also, stylish new products, party planning tips, and other tips. Hence, we have from weddings, baby showers, to birthday parties and all of life’s joyous milestones. We are here to encourage you to enjoy your happiest moments to the fullest potential possible. Our website allows you to search more about flowers such as wedding flower arrangements and other arrangements for different occasions. We provide different do’s and don’ts on how to arrange the flowers.


To help people to save money for their celebration in flower arrangement and they will proud of themselves. Because they do it by themselves. We have different 10 most popular flowers on how to arrange and tips on how to preserve. We provide tips on how to plant a flower to use for special occasions. A wedding day is the most expensive occasion for flowers need. For this reason, we have various tips on how to arrange cheap wedding bouquets. Hence, our flower arranger is an experience flower grower and plant lovers.


The website was formed because of a friend who is in a rush her wedding day is near. She still has no wedding bouquet. We are a group of four friends who plan and do the bouquets we divide all the task. So, from buying the flowers, materials, and other means to produce the wedding bouquets. Successfully, we created a beautiful wedding bouquet two days before her wedding day. We display it on our social media account and many people love the arrangement and many friends of ours asked us to make for them. That is how we start to love flowers and to arrange in different ways. Every time we created one we post it on our blogs.